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About medwelcome

Medwelcome specialises in advertising holiday property in just one place - the Mediterranean.

Characterised by it's deep blue sea, the Mediterranean has been a favourite holiday destination for years. The diversity of the region, with its beautiful beaches, stunning mountains and vineyards in the middle of nowhere, really makes it the perfect place to visit. Couple this with it's warm, dry summers and mild winters makes it somewhere to enjoy anytime of the year.

Just because we only specialise in one amazing region, doesn't mean that we only specialise in one property type. On Medwelcome you'll find everything from luxury villas in Spain to gites in the south of France to apartments in Greece. You might even find the odd castle!

Here at Medwelcome we understand that choice and information is important to you. That's why we can help both Holidaymakers and Property Owners or Managers.

For Holidaymakers

  • We only display properties in the Mediterranean area
    If you know that you only want to go on holiday in the Mediterranean area, you don't need to use a website that advertises anywhere else

  • Our website is clear, informative and easy to use
    We allow property owners to display as much information on their holiday home as they like because we know that you want to know exactly what it's going to be like before you book.

For Property Owners and Managers

  • We connect you and your property with people going on holiday to the Mediterranean
    As we only advertise holiday homes in the Mediterranean area, you can be assured that the people viewing your advert already know what they're looking for.

  • Our Property Pages allow you to add huge amounts of information and pictures
    We allow you to display huge amounts of information on what your property is really like so that you can show it off to holiday makers and receive more bookings.

  • We don't charge commission
    Depending on your preference, you can advertise your property for six months or a year and we offer discounts on multiple properties.

  • We use our expert Internet Marketing skills to ensure your property reaches the widest audience
    We focus on ensuring the search terms we know people are searching for will bring Medwelcome higher up the search engines, meaning that your adverts will be in front of a massive audience.
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